Who we are

For over a dozen years GEO-EKO has been working on finding effective solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, filtration, heating or central vacuuming. In one word, all processes connected with the processing of air. During the time of our existence we have gained the trust of customers who demand both quality products and service. Among them are industry plants: aerospace, rubber, pharmaceutical, food and others. GEO-EKO has two branches, where work nearly 100 people.

What we do

GEO-EKO is a manufacturer and distributor of components, devices and accessories for ventilation systems, air conditioning filtration and heating. These products are used in new and also modernized buildings as well. What’s more we provide services for: sheet metal forming, shot blasting and powder coating.

Why are we effective?

  1. Firstly – The PROJECT. Our team of experienced design engineers make sure the project is tailor-made to each client’s requirements.

  2. Secondly – The PRODUCTION. We manufacture in a very modern production plant.

  3. Thirdly – The SALES. We successfuly cooperate with the most renowned companies in this sector.

  4. Fourthly - ASSEMBLING. A team of experienced assembly specialists, modern equipment and effective logistics. 

  5. Last but not least. The SERVICE. A team of seclectd technician specialists specificaly delegated to maintenence services.

Nagrody, Certyfikaty, Uznania

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